2015 One Show - Merit, Consumer Campaign
2015 Art Directors Club Awards - Merit, Campaign
2015 Radio Mercury Awards Finalist, Campaign
2015 Effies Finalist, Campaign
2015 OBIE Awards, Gold
During my time on this brand, I touched just about everything. My contributions include TV, OLV, OOH, The Captain’s Twitter, Captain’s Quarters Contest, and the Captain's Costume Giveaway, all of which are covered in this case study (which I also made).
One year. That's how long it took me and my team to grow the Captain's Twitter from zero followers to a community of over 200K engaged fans. In case you're not up on the current state of Twitter brand pages, that's stupid fast. Most importantly, they're all real followers. The Captain never pays for it. At least, not that I know of. It's not like we were roommates or anything. We could never get our leases to line up.
the medal of obviousness
As a thank you to his Twitter fans, Captain Obvious awards his milestone followers with the highest honor a captain of ambiguous origin can bestow on a complete stranger - The Medal of Obviousness. 
In addition to the medal, each honoree also receives a personal letter from the Captain.
OBVIOUS obviousisms radio
bleacher report takeover
During the 2015 NBA Playoffs, did a homepage takeover of Bleacher Report. The central feature of the takeover was Playoff Pep Talks, a rich media banner that allowed users to choose one of three locker room speeches from Captain Obvious that they could watch and tweet to their team.
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