One of the last projects I worked on at DDB before going freelance was the Thomas’ pitch. And during that pitch, the team and I asked a simple question...
Who the fuck is Thomas?!

The answer was a man named Samuel Bath Thomas. But he was super boring, so we made up our own guy. And that guy was Thom. No, Thom. Are you deaf? Thom! It’s pronounced Thom!
OLV & Social
This one passed through a lot of hands on its 18 month journey from concept to launch. Hopefully I didn't forget anyone.

ECD: Rosswell Saunders / Colin Selikow / Meg Farquhar
CD: Eli Ferrer / Jeff Hodgson / Chris Perrone 
Jason Gorman / Danny Price / Jacopo Biorcio
AD: Lane Hedler
CW: Analisha Santini
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