The Night Cage
"...a legitimately spine-chilling horror game..."
- Neil Patrick Harris (seriously)
The Night Cage is an award-winning board game I designed with my buddies Chris McMahon and Chris Chan, published by Smirk & Laughter Games in the US and Iello in Europe. You can grab a copy at Barnes&Noble.
Below is our Kickstarter trailer, which gives a good overview of the game's setting and gameplay.
Beyond getting to create something we're very (VERY) passionate about, The Night Cage has also been a huge business success for us. After funding in just 90 minutes, our Kickstarter campaign went on to earn a total of $220,628 from over 4200 backers. That puts our campaign in the top .8% for funding and the top .4% for backers across all projects on the platform. Kickstarter also selected us as a"Project We Love" and made us a Featured Project on the front page of the games category.
Once backers had their copies, the game went to retail were it immediately became a Barnes and Noble Bestseller. Fast forwarding 2 year, we're now on our 5th printing. 
The game has earned a lot of attention from a diverse group of press and content creators, including a shoutout from Neil Patrick Harris, a recent play-through on Rooster Teeth's Achievement Hunters (1.46M subscribers!) and Dice Tower's Best Thematic Games of 2021.  
On his lifestyle newsletter, Wondercade, Neil Patrick Harris called The Night Cage:
"...a legitimately spine-chilling horror game ideally accompanied by a dram and a roaring fire."
One fan even developed a browser version and posted it to GitHub, 
which honestly is pretty flattering. 
Barnes & Noble Bestseller
Dice Tower Best Thematic Game
Ion Award Winner
BGG 20 Most Anticipated Horror Games
BGG 20 Most Anticipated Artistic Games
BGDL Design Challenge Winner
Dreamhack Indie Spotlight Selection
Pax South Indie Showcase Selection
Board Game Workshop Finalist
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