2016 One Show Bronze Pencil, Social Media 
2016 Facebook Awards Gold, Best Use of Platform
2016 Webby Awards Winner and People’s Voice, Social
2016 Cannes Lions Shortlist, Cyber
2016 Shorty Awards Winner, Best Use of Facebook
2015 Mashie Awards Best Use of Branded Video on Facebook
These days, agencies have all sorts of best practices for dealing with the lack of sound when videos autoplay on social. But when video ads were first introduced, no one was quite sure how to handle it. That changed after these ads. 
The campaign was so successful, Facebook itself uses it as a tool to teach marketers and agencies how to make the most of the site's video platform.
Remember to watch the first time with your sound off.
The interpreter in this spot would totally be overkill if she were actually translating the Captain’s words. Instead, she's instructing anyone who understands American Sign Language to write “gift me” in the comments for a chance to win a gift card.
For people who like results and impressions.
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